AllRack Wall Mounted Data Cabinets

Industry-standard design 19” wall mount data cabinets


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AllRack Wall Mounted Data Cabinets

All rack wall mount racks and cabinets are designed to be your perfect solution for all your rack-mountable equipment.

Available in 4 depths: 300m 450mm, 550mm & 600mm ideal for small network installations where floor space doest allow for a floor standing server cabinet.

The product is perfect for single-person installation with easy mounting brackets.

All wall cabinets have removable and lockable side panels for easy access and security.

The 450mm deep racks available in assembled form whereas the 550mm & 600mm are also available in flat-pack form.

Wall Mounted Data Cabinets Highlights

Loading capacity: 40KG

Doors:180-degree opening angle and can be mounted on left & right-hand side with simple spring latch

Security: Lockable doors and side panels

Description: Industry-standard design 19″ wall mount data cabinets.

Material: 1.2mm mild steel construction. A toughened glass panel in steel framework door.

Finish: Smooth finish black

Racks: Supplied with depth-adjustable heavy-duty steel mounting profiles to take industry-standard 19″ patch panels, switches and other equipment.

Doors: Lockable, removable glazed front door. Lockable and removable steel side panels.

Ventilation: Side panels vented. The roof has a cut out for 2 fan units top be mounted directly.

Cable Entry: Cable access points on the lid and base of the cabinet.

Static Weight Load: 60kg



Cabinet U / Cabinet Depth6u9u12u15u18u21uUsable depth
450mm deep363mm high496mm high630mm high763mm highN/AN/A355mm
550mm deep363mm high496mm high630mm high763mm high896mm highN/A465mm
600mm deep363mm high496mm high630mm high763mm highN/A1029mm high515mm
AllRack Wall Mounted Data Cabinets
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Usable Depth

355mm, 465mm, 515mm

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