VK4L Quad LNB with Bracket

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VK4L Quad LNB with Bracket


  • Finished in grey
  • Supplied with a SkyTM compatible bracket
  • Built-in spirit level
Packaging Length (cm) 12
Packaging Width (cm) 11.3
Packaging Height (cm) 8
Product & Packaging Weight (grams) 214
Product Weight (grams) 178
Outputs 4x Universal Quad
Compatibility Universal Ku Band LNB’s suitable for use with Sky-HD™, FreeSat HD™ & popular European satellite broadcast
Input Frequencies Low 10.7-11.7GHz High 11.7-12.75GHz
Output Frequencies Low 950-1950MHz High 1100-2150MHz
Gain Conversion @ 25⁰C 55-63dB
Noise Figure Typ. 1dB
Cross Polar Isolation Typ. 20dB
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