Vision V33-11S Slim n Fast Outlet Plate 1 x SAT

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Vision V33-11S Slim n Fast Outlet Plate 1 x SAT

Slim n Fast is a revolutionary range of satellite, TV and radio wall sockets.

Designed for the professional to speed fitting and ensure a reliable connection every time, Slim n Fast leaves space for the fragile and bulky coaxial cable inside the plaster box.

The screened diecast module fits in front of the plaster depth or patress box to allow more room and easier path for the coaxial cable.

This makes fitting easier, more reliable and avoids kinking the delicate coaxial cable for a smoother signal path and better performance.

There are five models to choose from, including Single, Duplexed, Triplexed and Satellite Options.

All available in modern styling with an off-white/ivory moulded cover.


  • Revolutionary Slim N FastTM Wall Sockets (patent applied for)
  • Faster and easier to fit than conventional types
  • Allows ample room for cable in shallow plaster-depth and patress boxes
  • Reliable cable grip secured on cable sheath, not copper screen/dielectric
  • High quality, fully screened with low insertion loss and good isolation
  • Five models including, Single, Diplexed, Triplexed and Satellite options
  • Modern styling with off-white/ivory moulded cover
Vision V33-11S


Type “SAT” Satellite Single
Connectors Single F Female
Inputs Single Cable Input 1
Input Frequency Range 5-2150MHz
Centre Socket Frequency / Insertion Loss 5-2150MHz <1dB
Return Loss Centre Socket >12dB
Size Standard single plaster or pattress box to BS4662


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