Vision V26-208 8-Way Splitter DC Pass All Outputs

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Vision V26-208 


A fully screened 8-way terrestrial and satellite indoor splitter with low insertion loss. Frequency range 5-2300MHz. DC passing up to 1A between input and 1 output. Distributes signals equally to all outputs. Insertion loss less than 12.0dB up to 1000MHz and less than 18.0dB up to 2300MHz. Die-cast housing with cable bridge design for a tidy installation.

Technical Specification

Model: V26-208

Description: 8-way Splitter

Insertion loss 5-1000MHz: <12.0dB

Insertion loss 1000-2400MHz: <18.0dB

Isolation between outlets 5-1000MHz: >18dB

Isolation between outlets 1000-2400MHz: >20dB

Return loss 5-1000MHz: >8.0dB

Return loss 1000-2400MHz: >8.0dB

DC Pass: Directional between all outputs and input (1.0A Max)

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