Vision EV9-210 9 Wire 1-Way Tap 10dB

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Vision EV9-210

A 9-wire 10dB Tap designed for minimum insertion-loss and flatness across the satellite and terrestrial bands. Plug directly onto EV9 multiswitches or amplifiers using quick-link F-connectors. Pass 18vDC on the horizontal lines which can be isolated on the tap output with the built-in switch. Colour coded inputs on all components for simplicity. Earth bonding-bars fitted. Designed for small, medium and large IRS installations.


Model: EV9-210
Frequency range SAT: 8 x 950 ? 2400MHz
Frequency range Terr: 1 x 5 ? 862MHz
Number of tap outputs: 1 x 9 Tap
Through loss SAT: 1.5dB
Through loss Terr: 1.5dB
Tap loss SAT: 8 to 12dB
Tap loss Terr: 10dB
Input Isolation SAT: 30dB
Input Isolation Terr: 30dB
DC through pass: 2.0A max (switchable to tap or split legs)
Dimensions mm: 199 x 106 x 50.5
Weight: 0.45kg
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