Vision EV5-D4S 4-Output dSCR Multiswitch


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Vision EV5-D4S 4-Output dSCR Multiswitch

Cascadable 2, 4 and 6-output single cable dSCR multiswitches for the distribution of satellite and terrestrial signals for up to sixteen satellite tuners or receivers on each output.

These multiswitches automatically detect dSCR, SCR or legacy format from the receiver as well as SkyQ and Unicable dSCR formats.

Built into a zinc alloy die-cast housing for extreme interference immunity and supplied with pre-mounted output earth bars.

EV5-dSCR multiswitches have the same connector pitch as existing Vision EV5 multiswitches for easy installation.

Vision EV5-dSCR multiswitches have an active terrestrial gain of up to 8dB for a similar performance to existing EV5 multiswitches for easy system integration.


  • Item / Model 122389 / EV5-D4S
  • 5 input  5 output cascaded trunk line
  • Ideal for insertion into existing 5-wire IRS trunk
  • Control according to EN 50494/EN 50607
  • Suitable for SkyQ, Unicable or Legacy mode
  • Full Automatic Gain Control of satellite signal level on all outputs
  • Always active terrestrial performance
  • 4 x DC modes for convenient DC powering
  • options1  Subscriber Cable Power
  • 2  Auxiliary DC input
    3 DC power to the trunk
    4 DC power from the trunk

Technical Specifications

Item / ModelVision EV5-D4S
Frequency Range SAT950MHz  2150MHz
TERR5  790MHz
Number of Cascade Inputs/Outputs4 SAT + 1 Terr
Number of dSCR / Legacy outputs4
Number of SAT user bands16 per output
Input level SAT (AGC)60  95dB?V
Input level Terr (max)94dBV
Output at dSCR mode with DTTSAT 84dBV (AGC) Terr 100dBV max
Output Legacy modeSAT 78dBV Terr 100dBV max
Gain SAT / TerrSAT AGC  Terr +6dB
Trunk Loss SAT / Terr<2dB / <1dB
SAT IF / SAT IF Isolation>30dB
SAT IF Input Output>30dB
SAT IF / Terr>25dB
DC Consumption from DC Input or H Lines18V 500mA
DC Consumption Terr TV amplifier via H lines15 ? 18V 70mA
DC Consumption from STB in legacy mode13V 220mA : 18V 190mA
DC Consumption from STB in dSCR mode14V 320mA
DC Consumption legacy + dSCR mode18V 260mA
Max DC Pass into the trunk18V 2.0A
Operating Temperature-20C to +500C
Dimension inc connectors (mm) / Weight155 x 134 x 30mm 475g