VISION EV5-510 5x10 Line Powered Multiswitch
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10-Output Line Power Multiswitch

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Vision EV5-510


Visions 10-output multiswitch is the latest addition to the EV5 range of market-leading IRS equipment.

This multiswitch is designed as a cost-effective solution for smaller IRS installations where subscriber cables are a maximum 50m.

EV5-510 is a 5-input, 10-output multiswitch that allows the installer to build up to a forty output multiswitch combination.

As each multiswitch has a 4dB trunk insertion loss and 10dB output gain

Combination automatically builds in Visions famous stepped-gain output to equalise long and short subscriber cables.

Can be used in the traditional EV5 architecture of a tapped tree & branch or split radial style layout

Is ideal where a group of multiswitches is co-located at a single distribution point.

This multiswitch can be powered like all EV5 models at 18V DC via either H: Lo or H: Hi ports or from the trunk anywhere in the system.

EV5-510 can be utilised in systems of up to 160 subscriber cables up to 40m without a launch amplifier.

The new EV5-510 is fully compatible with all existing EV5 components including taps, splitters, amplifiers.

EV5-510 is fitted with factory pre-mounted output earth-bars for installation safety.


  • 5-input, 10-output line powered active multiswitch.
  • Can be cascaded up to four times to build a 40 output stepped gain multiswitch.
  • 3dB trunk line through loss with 10dB SAT/Terr Gain at all outputs.
  • Extremely low current consumption 70mA from the trunk with DC pass up to 2A.
  • Ideal as legacy multiswitch companion to Vision dSCR multiswitches.
  • Built-in 75 switchable end of line terminator.
  • Supplied with pre-mounted output earth-bars


Vision EV5-510 Technical
Number of Inputs 4 x SAT + 1 x Terrestrial
Number of Outputs 10
Frequency Range SAT 4 x 950-2150MHz
Frequency Range TERR 1 x 85MHz – 790MHz
Gain Control SAT 10dB
Output Level SAT (max) 105dBµV (IMD3 – 35dB)
Output Level Terr (max) (DIN 45004B) IMD3-60
Output Level (DIN 45004B): Output 1 – 4 88dBµV / Output 5 – 8 86dBµV / Output 9 – 12 84dBµV
SAT / SAT Input Isolation >30dB
Output Isolation SAT / SAT / Terr >30dB / 35dB
Rejection TV –SAT / SAT-TV >30dB / 40dB
DC Pass from external PSU 18V / 600mA max
Current Consumption from Receiver: <65mA
Current Consumption from H Lines or External Power Supply 12V to 18V / 60mA
Control Signals V/Lo, H/Lo: 11.5V – 14.5V / 0kHz, 16.5 – 19V / 0kHz
Control Signals V/Hi, H/Hi: 11.5V – 14.5V / 22kHz, 16.5 – 19V / 22kHz
Dimension inc connectors: 227 x 135 x 30mm
Weight 0.7 kg


Vision EV5-510 spec sheet


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