8-Output Mains Powered Multiswitch


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VISION EV5-508M 8-Output Mains Powered Multiswitch

  • Designed for large, medium and small line powered IRS installations
  • Power from headend, anywhere on horizontal trunk cables via the remote power supply, or local power
  • Current consumption as low as 60mA from trunk and 65mA receiver
  • Active satellite and terrestrial with ?stepped? gain for signal equalisation
  • Gold contact switchable input attenuators for all satellite and terrestrial input bands
  • High input/output capability for long subscriber lines
  • Pre-mounted earth bars and 6mm2 earth post
  • LED power indicator
  • Fully-screened diecast housings for extreme interference immunity

V5-EVO is tuned to minimise 4G-800 LTE interference and has also been developed for very low current consumption from trunk cables and receivers alike. EV5-xxxM series multiswitches are designed to be used either as stand-alone radial multiswitches for ?star? wired networks or to be used in conjunction as a power source with the line powered multiswitches for smaller to medium cascaded networks. These mains-powered multiswitches can be used to power up to six line powered multiswitches and an LNB. EV5-xxxM will power a Quattro LNB via the horizontal and vertical inputs at up to 650mA max. Power is provided from the built-in switch-mode power supply.

EV5 has been developed to minimise 4G-800 LTE interference with built-in filtering of the terrestrial input to 790MHz and sharp filtering and excellent isolation of the satellite inputs. The diecast housing provides maximum screening and is fitted with ?slot-on? mounting brackets for easy installation.

Number of Inputs4 x SAT + 1 x Terrestrial
Number of Outputs8
Frequency Range SAT950 ? 2400MHz
Frequency Range TERR47 ? 790MHz
Gain SAT 950 / 2400MHz Fixed Slope Pre-emphasisOutput 1 ? 4 +5 to +14dB / Output 5 ? 8 +4 to +12dB
Gain Terrestrial 40 / 862MHz Fixed Slope Pre-emphasisOutput 1 ? 4 -1 to +5dB / Output 5 ? 8 -2 to +3dB / Output 9 ? 12 3 to -1dB
Gain Control SAT0 ? 12dB in 4dB steps
Gain Control Terrestrial0 ? 15dB in 1dB steps
Output Level SAT (max)96dB?V
Output Level Terr (max)(DIN 45004B) IMD3-60
Output Level (DIN 45004B)Output 1 ? 4 88dB?V / Output 5 ? 8 86dB?V
SAT / SAT Input Isolation>30dB
Output Isolation SAT / SAT / Terr>30dB / 35dB
Rejection TV ?SAT / SAT-TV>30dB / 40dB
DC Pass from external PSU14V / 18V / (Terrestrial) 12V <0.65A total (12V ? 100mA)
Current consumption from H Lines or external power supply12V to 18V / 60mA
Control Signals V/Lo, H/Lo12V to 18V / 60mA
Control Signals V/Hi, H/Hi11.5V ? 14.5V/22kHz, 16.5 ? 19V/22kHz
Operating Temperature-200C to +500C
Dimensions mm253 x 135 x 52mm
Weight0.8 kg