Vision EV5-408 4-way Splitter

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Vision EV5-408 4-way Splitter

V5-EVO splitters are built to compliment all V5-EVO models is small, medium and large IRS installations.

With class-leading performance in terms of low insertion loss, cable slope pre-emphasis and linearity, these splitters and taps allow managed trunk signal distribution for 5-wire IRS.

V5-EVO taps attenuate the signal to the side output while minimising trunk through losses.

EV5 splitters provide an equal division of the incoming signal to all ports.

V5-EVO splitters and taps pass DC on the through lines at up to 2A when the current is shared across 2 of the IF lines.

  • Designed for large, medium and small line powered IRS installations
  • Power from the headend, anywhere on horizontal trunk cables via the remote power supply, or local power
  • Current consumption as low as 60mA from trunk and 65mA receiver
  • Active satellite and terrestrial with “stepped” gain for signal equalisation
  • Switchable input attenuators for all satellite and terrestrial input bands
  • High input/output capability for long subscriber lines
  • Pre-mounted earth bars and 6mm2 earth post
  • LED power indicator
  • Fully-screened diecast housings for extreme interference immunity
Vision EV5-408
Frequency Range SAT IF 4 x 950-2400MHz
Frequency Range Terr 1 x 5 -862MHz
Number of Tap Outputs 4 x 5 splitter
Through Loss SAT 8dB
Through Loss Terr 8dB
Tap Loss SAT 8dB
Tap Loss Terr 8dB
Input Isolation SAT 30dB
Input Isolation Terr 30dB
Return Loss >13dB
DC through pass H Lines 2.0A max when shared across H:lo & H:hi (1a max through one line)
DC through pass Terr Line 0.1A max
Connectors F female (F male quick to F female on earth bar) 1.0mm max centre conductor for direct connection 5 x F male quick to F male quick for close coupling of multiswitch
Operating Temperature -20ºC to +50ºC
Dimensions 267x135x30mm
Weight 0.7 kg


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