The EV5-1MT IRS system tap is designed to make planning and balancing systems easier. The tap has two attenuator switches, one for satellite and the other for terrestrial services. The satellite attenuator enables all four polarities to be attenuated simultaneously by a fixed value, 10, 15 or 20dB. Terrestrial signals are independently switched 10, 15 or 20dB. The tap has bi-directional power pass on all trunk lines with the capability of carrying 2A over the combined horizontal trunks.

  • Satellite switched attenuation 10/15/20dB All polarities
  • Terrestrial switch attenuation 10/15/20dB
  • Bi-directional power pass on all trunks
  • Trunk Line power indicator
  • Combined current capability maximum 2.0A over horizontal trunk lines
  • Fully-screened housing to reject interference