5-input MATV Amplifier


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V51-305 5-input MATV Amplifier

V51-305 are designed for excellent performance over the full VHF and UHF broadcast bands BII, BIII, UHF BIV/V. Input filtering is designed for VHF/FM, VHF/DAB and UHF channels 21-60 with additional input filters on the multi-input models V51-204 and V51-305.
The new V51-204 offers extremely high-quality dual UHF, FM, and DAB high maximum input and output capability with filtering for 4G-800 LTE suppression. This amplifier has two UHF inputs, UHF1 is filtered for channels 21-57 with DC powering for a masthead amplifier. This ensures a high rejection of 4G-LTE above 790MHz. UHF input 2 is filtered for channels 21-60. For those who require channels above channel 57, they are advised to use this input, however additional 4G-LTE filtering may be required. A user test point -30dB is fitted at the output for test and measurement without disconnecting the network output cable. Gain control is performed by 10dB switchable and 0-10dB variable attenuators in each input. This gives a total range of 20dB level control for each input. V51-204 is housed in a diecast chassis for rigidity and extra interference immunity. The built-in SMPS power supply is designed for stability, cool running, and long life. V51-204 is ideal for small, medium and large MATV systems and as a launch amplifier in IRS installations.