USB Over Cat5 Extender M1-USB-200

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USB Over Cat5


MaxxOne M1-USB-200 USB To RJ45 Extender Extension, Extend your USB devices or HUB up to 200m, overcoming the typical 5m USB cable limitation.

The MaxxOne USB Extender is composed of a local transmitter and a remote receiver, which are connected by standard ethernet cables.


  • Using the latest international USB transmission technology
  • Supports USB 1.1 and USB 2.0 protocols with perfect compatibility
  • Extends computer full speed USB connector up to 100m, and low-speed USB devices may work up to 200m.
  • No need a driver and easy installation
  • Use any piece of standard network cable
  • Support plug & play for the USB device
  • No power required, easy installation
  • Low energy consumption

MaxxOne M1-USB-200 USB To RJ45 Extender Extension 200m Cat5 Cat5E Cat6

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