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Triax TdSCR 504 Multiswitch

TdSCR series Multiswitch

dSCR switches are available with 4, 8 or 12 SCR/Legacy outputs and have been designed to support a wide range of new and existing multiswitch installations.

  • 4 cascadable LNB inputs from 1 universal Quattro LNB
  • 2 Wideband LNB inputs (Vertical, Horizontal) for a 2 satellite installation
  • 1 cascadable terrestrial trunk input
  • 1 level adjuster for terrestrial signals 0 – 20dB
  • 4, 8 or 12 SCR/Legacy outputs
  • 1 DC input (for switch, line and LNB powering)
  • 75ohm self-termination switch
  • Can be used as a Cascade, Standalone or Terminated Multiswitch
  • Each output can support a wide variety of satellite receivers:
    • In legacy mode, the outputs can be used as a standard multiswitch
    • In SCR mode, each output supports up to 16 User Bands with all versions of the single-cable technology.
    • This includes OLT,SCR, CSS, SKY UK, EN50494 and EN50607
  • As all outputs are independent, the installation can be a mix of legacy and dSCR connections
  • The terrestrial input supports any services that operate between 47 – 790MHz, which includes terrestrial TV, DAB and FM reception
  • The trunk outputs allow the cascade of multiple switches to support large installations and have a 75ohm self-termination toggle switch
  • Can be used as a Cascade, Standalone or Terminated Multiswitch
  • The DC power can be inserted into the switch on the F connector or at any point in the system. In cascaded systems, multiple power supplies might be required
dscr labelled
dSCR Multiswitches – TdSCR 504
Triax TdSCR 504 Specifications
EAN Number 5702663181823
Input level 70…100 (dSCR/legacy) dB?V
Output level 85 (dSCR/legacy) (AGC -25dBm) dB?V
LNB power supply max. 15…20 V/DC
LNB current max. 1000 mA
Frequency range TER 40…790, active MHz
Frequency range SAT dSCR/legacy: 950…2150 – Wideband: 290…2340 MHz
Through loss TER typ. -4 dB
Through loss SAT typ. -2,5 dB
Insertion loss – TER typ.0 dB
Attenuation TER 0…20 dB
Isolation cross polarisation H/V 25 dB
Return Loss 10 dB
Impedance 75
DC Current consumption 800 (@15V) mA
External PSU Optional
Temperature range -20…+50 C
Connector Type F-female
Connector DC F-female
Number of inputs 4 SAT (1x Quattro + 2x wideband) + 1 TERR
Number of outputs 4
Packing QTY 1
Packaging Height 0,130 m
Packaging Width 0,110 m
Packaging Depth 0,057 m
Packaging Volume 0,001 m3
Net Weight 0,520 kg
Tara Weight 0,090 kg
Total Weight 0,610 kg
Remarks User band frequencies SKY UK EN50607 EN50494 (Auto selection)


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