TMM Cascadable Multiswitches

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TMM Cascadable Multiswitch which can be connected to other multiswitches enhancing the number of outputs


In multi-apartment buildings, it is actually possible to feed all subscribers from ONE satellite dish installation.

This is done via a multiswitch distribution system.

Choosing the right system requires detailed focus on the numbers of satellite positions and subscribers.

Triax offers a multitude of different system configurations covering all satellite position-, customer- and building-combinations

  • for different number of satellite positions / with or without TER input
  • with external or internal power supply
  • some for uni-cable (SCR)

If you require a system plan for your project please contact us direct to discuss your requirements.






TMM5x8, TMM5x12, TMM5x16, TMM5x24, TMM5x32

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