Triax TMM 9x24 Cascade Multiswitch

Casc. 8SAT+1TER / 24out


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Triax TMM 9×24 Cascade Multiswitch

Fully modular and cascadable, the TMM 9 input series can be used for systems with 1 or 2 satellite positions plus terrestrial.

  • 8 satellite IF and 1 terrestrial TV inputs and 24 subscriber outputs
  • 8 satellite IF and 1 terrestrial with adjustable level control
  • Cable loss compensation with built-in amplification
  • Colour coded output connections
  • LED power indication on each Trunk line
  • Supplied with output earth bond bars
  • Line powered from trunk and/or receiver


EAN Number 5702663016712
Max. output level SAT @ -35 dB IMD3 95 dBµV
Max. output level TER @ -60dB IMD3 85 dBµV
Switching 15V +/-1V kHz
Switch commands 13V, 18V, 13V 22kHz, 18V 22kHz, DiSEqC 2.0
Frequency range TER 47-862 MHz
Frequency range SAT 950-2150 MHz
Tap loss TER 17.0 dB
Tap loss SAT 17.0 dB
Insertion loss – trunkline SAT 5.5 dB
Insertion loss – trunkline TER 4.0 dB
Adjustable attenuator SAT 0-12 dB
Adjustable attenuator TER 0-12 dB
Isolation SAT to TER 30 dB
Isolation TER to SAT 30 dB
Isolation cross polarisation H/V 25 dB
Isolation out-out SAT 30 dB
Isolation out-out TER 25 dB
Return loss SAT inputs 10.0 dB
Return loss SAT outputs 10.0 dB
Return loss TER inputs 10.0 dB
Return loss TER outputs 10.0 dB
Return loss TAP outputs 8.0 dB
Impedance 75 Ω
LINE power DC voltage (max.) 12 (TER Trunk Line) VDC
LINE power current (max.) 140 mA
Max. current to each output (supplied by set-top box) <250 mA
Control LEDs Yes
Temperature – operating 0…50 °C
Connector DC DC jack 3.5mm
Number of inputs 9
Number of trunk inputs 8 SAT, 1 TER
Number of trunk outputs 8 SAT, 1 TER
Subscriber outputs 24
Colorcoding @IF/TER inputs VL=Black, VH=Red, HL=Green, HH=Yellow
Product Height 320 mm
Product Width 250 mm
Product Depth 120 mm
Packaging Height 0,125 m
Packaging Width 0,325 m
Packaging Depth 0,255 m
Packaging Volume 0,010 m3
Net Weight 2,790 kg
Tara Weight 0,400 kg
Total Weight 3,190 kg
Product Type

Cascade Multiswitch


Trunk Inputs

1 TER, 8 SAT

Trunk Outputs

1 TER, 8 SAT

Subscriber outputs

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