Triax TMDS 1230 PSU BS

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Triax TMDS 1230 PSU

The TMDS 1230 PSU-BS is specifically for powering a TMDS cascade switch system. Providing up to 3.0A of current even large cascadable systems can be powered from one PSU unit. Connected to one of the TMDS units, they also provide via the trunk lines to LNBs and other units on the cascade trunk. With a British Standard-type Mains plug.


EAN Number 5702663073722
AC Supply voltage 110…240 VAC
PSU output DC voltage 20 VDC
LINE power current (max.) 3000 mA
Connector DC DC jack 5.5mm/2.1mm (IEC A)
Main material Plastic housing ABS
Net Weight 0,470 kg
Tara Weight 0,055 kg
Total Weight 0,525 kg



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