Sky Quad LNB VK4L

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Sky Quad LNB VK4L


  • Finished in grey
  • Supplied with a SkyTM compatible bracket
  • Built-in spirit level
  • Includes 25MHz PLL crystal technology to ensure rock-solid frequency stability across a wider range of operating temperatures

It can run four coaxial cables to different receivers, allowing people in different rooms to watch whatever they please on the television

This is a high-quality Certified VK4L-4 Output LNB, complete with a pull-down rain cover to protect LNB outputs from water ingress and a spirit level as standard.

It is suitable for MK4 Sky satellite dishes and clips straight onto the dish arm.

It has 4 outputs for Sky, Freesat, HD or extra receivers and is backed with a 12-month warranty.

Sky Quad LNB VK4L Installation

This LNB installs easily and there are no special tools necessary.

Simply unscrew the F connectors going to your old LNB, unclip the LNB from the arm (may require a flat side screwdriver), clip-on this new LNB and screw back on your F connectors to the new LNB.

Don’t forget to pull down the rain cover to protect your connections from water ingress.

Input frequency Low band: 10.7~11.7GHz
High band: 11.7~12.75GHz
Output frequency Low band: 950~1950MHz
High band: 1100~2150MHz
L.O. frequencies 9.75/10.6GHz
Noise gure 0.5dB (Typ)
Conversion gain 55dB (min)/65dB (max)
Gain atness 0.75dB (min)/26MHz (max)
Cross polar isolation 25dB (Typ)
Image rejection 40dB (min)
Operating temperature -30C~ +60C
L.O. stability +/- 1.0MHz @ 25C
+/- 3.0MHz @ -30C~ +60C
Phase noise -50dBc/hz @ 1kHz
-75dBc/hz @ 10kHz
95dBc/hz @ 100kHz
Power consumption 200mA (max)
RED compliance EN 303 372-1


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