RJ45 HD Video & Power Balun M1-BNC-110 Maxxone

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RJ45 HD Video & Power Balun


Transmit 1 channel of video on common Cat-5 (or higher) unshielded twisted pair (UTP) cable with perfect transmission effect.

It can simplify a wiring project and save cable use. Compatible with HD-CVI/TVI/AHD/CVBS analogue cameras.

RJ45 HD Video & Power Balun Features


  • AHD:1080p up to 250m(820ft)
  • AHD:720p/960p up to 320m(1049ft)
  • HD-CVI:1080p/4MP up to 230m(754ft)
  • HD-CVI:720p up to 440m(1443ft)
  • HD-TVI:720p/1080p up to 190m(623ft)
  • HD-TVI:3MP up to 200m(656ft)
  • CVBS up to 400m(1312ft)
  • Built-in TVS for surge protection
  • Wave Filter, Anti-Static Design
  • Lightning protection grade: III
  • 60 dB crosstalk and noise immunity
  • Exceptional interference rejection


MaxxOne M1-BNC-110 1 Channel HD Video & Power Balun



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