RJ45 Crimp Tool Crimps & Cuts

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RJ45 Crimp Tool


This tool crimps & cuts at the same time and can be used with either push through or normal RJ45 connectors.

  • FAST & PRECISE: For Fast Modular-crimp connection for data, CCTV, HD video, and voice-over applications.
  • Creates precise, even, clean, flush trim on RJ11/12, and RJ45 extended copper with our precision ground crimping tool.
  • HIGH PERFORMANCE: Cuts, strips, and crimps with Ethernet (CAT7, CAT6, CAT5/5e) and telephone cables.
  • Compatible with all RJ45 & EZ Pass-through RJ45 CAT6 shielded & unshielded connectors, RJ45 CAT5E connectors, and RJ11/12 connectors (excluding AMP).
  • Trims and cuts with much less force compared to many tools.
  • DURABLE STEEL CONSTRUCTION: The Platinum Connect Crimping tool is made with heavy-duty steel for durability, strength, and delivering more torque during the crimping cycles.
  • The strong head assembly provides 360 degrees of connector support for terminating modular plugs on stranded or solid cable.
  • RISK-FREE: Blade guard on cutting and stripping knives reduces the risk of injury and helps maintain razor sharpness.
  • Textured handle grips reduce hand fatigue and prevent slipping during cutting, stripping and crimping.


Push Through RJ45 CAT5 Connector

Push Through RJ45 CAT6 Connector

RJ45 Crimp Tool Downloads



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