Pyronix DIGI-LAN Module for ENF32APPGB-WE

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Pyronix DIGI-LAN


  • Network communication module for the IP connected control panels
  • Signalling formats: Fast Format IP (UK Only), Contact ID IP, SIA IP
  • Supports upload/downloading (via Insite UDL software)
  • Certified as SP5

Established connectivity
Utilising the established internet connection, the DIGI-LAN is a single path communication module that connects directly to the router.

Stable connection
Using a cabled connection to the router gives the most stable connection to the existing internet.

Pyronix DIGI-LAN No additional internet connection cost
As the DIGI-LAN utilises an existing internet connection, there is no requirement for additional ongoing connectivity costs, and no need to worry about keeping a SIM card topped up.


Product Type

Intruder Alarm System

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