PROCOM21TS Ter-Sat Mast Head Diplexer

£14.66 £17.59 inc VAT


PROCOM21TS Ter-Sat Mast Head Diplexer

High-isolation frequency-selective units for combining or splitting signals in the various terrestrial and satellite IF bands.

Suitable for indoor or outdoor use.


  • Very high isolation from SAT ports at UHF avoids excessive signal degradation due to LNB noise.
  • Fully-screened RF modules in robust diecast enclosures. Strong cast-in ‘F’ connectors.
  • Power pass (20 V and 400 mA max.) to the higher or highest frequency port.
  • Two NEW products add Band III coverage for DAB or TV to this range for the first time.
  • With equipotential bonding point.

Product Summary

  • proCOM21VU Diplexer combines or splits VHF/FM Band II with UHF Bands IV—V.
  • proCOM31VUS Triplexer combines or splits VHF/FM, UHF and SAT IF.
  • NEW proCOM21TS Diplexer, combines or splits all terrestrial bands (5 – 854 MHz) nd SAT IF.
  • NEW proCOM31T Triplexer, combines or splits three individual terrestrial bands.




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