PROception PROLINK22

Flexible RF Output Replicator Modulator, restoring traditional Sky distribution via IO Link

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PROception PROLINK22 Flexible IO Link RF Output Replicator Modulator

Distributing the analog RF output of a Sky box from the main TV location to other rooms remains a popular solution for multi-room viewing.

The new PROception proLINK22 modulator and remote control unit allow unrivaled flexibility for this application.

Connects to the IO port on the Sky receiver and replaces the RF distribution and remote control functions previously available.


  • Connect to a TV Distribution System for viewing and IR Magic Eye control at multiple locations.
  • RF loop-through for Freeview, etc., replaces Sky AERIAL IN connector.
  • High-quality UHF modulator with infrared return remote?control capability on BOTH?of its twin F-type RF outputs.
  • Simple channel setting using Sky box menu.
  • Two remote rooms can be wired directly from?the proLINK (expandable to three using a splitter and without a power supply)*
  • 3-colour power-status indicator.
  • Wall mountable with extended lead. (500mm)

Technical Data

RF input and output
Interface?Sky IO port via 0.5 m flying lead
Modulator?UK System I, channels 21?60
RF connections1-in, 2-out, both outputs IR-eye-enabled
IR ‘eye’ current available10 mA max per output (total 15 mA max.) s/c protected
System current with external PSU75 mA max. at RF-OUT2




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