Optima OBF4LTE Rejection Notch Filter

For removing interfering frequencies (LTE 4G).

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Optima OBF4LTE  Rejection Notch Filter

OBF4LTE should be inserted into the input of the reception system before any amplifiers, active devices or receivers to exclude interfering signals from the whole network.

Where the interfering signals are very strong, additional filtering may be necessary especially where it is received directly onto the coaxial cables / flyleads.

Four tuned filters for <45dB rejection of a single frequency.
Pre-tuned to 802MHz ~ 818MHz frequency centres for the rejection of LTE downlink frequencies
Fully screened outdoor / indoor housing with mast or bulkhead fixing

Model:Optima OBF4LTE

Pass-Band: 5MHz ~ 790MHz
Stop-Band: 791MHz ~ 862MHz
Insertion Loss in Pass-Band: <0.5dB typical : Maximum <4dB at Pass-Band Edge (786MHz Ch60)
Maximum Insertion Loss in Stop-Band: >45dB typical up to 55dB
DC Pass: 12V 500mA
Connectors: F female
Housing: Fully Screened Metal Module in ABS weatherproof mast/bulkhead housing.

Mast fixing ties included
Dimensions: 107 x 95 x 30mm
Weight: 0.200kg