OPTIMA L20F Log-Periodic Compact Wideband 20 Element TV Aerial

£8.65 £10.38 inc VAT

OPTIMA L20F Log-Periodic


  • Simple, quick installations using a ‘no-tools’ construction with large thumb-nuts for the mast-clamp
  • Excellent front/back ratio and directivity with superior impulse noise reduction
  • Designed for strong to moderate signal conditions
  • Very low wind load design with wire elements
  • For medium to strong signal areas
  • Pre-wired with rear-mounted ‘F’ connector
  • Designed to fit 25-50mm (1″ to 2″) masts
  • Tuned to wideband channels 21-60 (470-790MHz)
  • Tuned to minimise 4G-800 LTE interference (791-862MHz)


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