OPTIMA 5x12 Multiswitch MS512LTE

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OPTIMA 5×12 Multiswitch



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Optima MS512LTE 5×12 Multiswitch is Q2 Quad or Quattro LNB compatibility for greater flexibility.

  • Switchable 12V power for masthead amplifier if needed.
  • Compact design ideal when space is tight.
  • Switch-mode power unit runs cooler improves reliability.
  • Ideal for Sky, Freesat and multi-room satellite installations.
OPTIMA 5×12 Multiswitch Specifications
Model: Optima MS512LTE
No of Inputs: 4 x Satellite and 1 x Terrestrial
No of Outputs: 12
Frequency range  Satellite: 950 to 2150MHz
Frequency range  Terrestrial wideband Ch21 to 68*: 40 to 860MHz
Terrestrial 4G-800 LTE filtered Ch21 to 60** switchable: 40 to 790MHz
Gain  Satellite: 3dB 2dB
Gain Terrestrial: 2dB 2dB
Max input level  Satellite: 98dBV 2dB
Max input level  Terrestrial: 85dBV 2dB
Max output level  Satellite (IMD  35dB): 102dBV 2dB
Max output level  Terrestrial (IMD 60dB): 94dBV 2dB
Isolation  Satellite / Satellite: >27dB
Isolation  Satellite / Terrestrial: >30dB
Connectors: F  Female
Masthead switchable voltage (Max): 12V @ 100mA
Maximum load to inputs: 500mA
Input mains voltage: 240v AC 50Hz (UK 3A plug fitted)
Power (Excluding LNB): 2W
Dimensions including connectors (mm): 370 x 108 x 36mm


*Pre 4G-800 LTE. LTE will roll out across the UK from May 2013 to mid-2017. TV channels 61 to 68 (791 to 862MHz) may suffer interference during and after this period.

Some re-tuning of terrestrial equipment may be necessary.

**Post 4G-800LTE. After LTE roll out across the UK channels above Ch60 may not be available. Switch the built-in filter to on to minimise the risk of LTE interference.

In some circumstances, additional external filtering and LTE compatible TV aerial may be required.
NB: Multipoint domestic aerial systems may require earthing.

Consult the latest codes of practice & legislation for information.
*Important note: When using A QUAD LNB you will normally require a larger dish than when using a QUATTRO LNB.

For professional IRS installation, we recommend a QUATTRO LNB and an 80cm dish south of Manchester or 1.0m in the north and Scotland.

This will ensure reliable reception in poor weather conditions.


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