Magic Sky Eye V55-002 Vision

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Magic Sky Eye V55-002 Visionlink Sky Eye


  • New slimline design for easy behind the TV fitting
  • Fully-screened with reliable F connector input / IR return connection
  • IEC TV male on flexible cable for TV connection
  • L.E.D power indicator
  • Low current consumption

A V55-002 Visionlink™ Sky compatible remote eye for all BSkyB Digibox satellite receivers.

The optical filter eliminates interference from plasma TVs & strong sunlight. The LED on the body indicates DC power present from the Digibox or amplifier.

F-Connector ensures the cable does not detach during use.

Umbilical cable minimises strain on TV connector.

Usable with almost every TV set and VCR.

Magic Sky Eye Technical Specifications
Forward Path Pass Frequency 80-862MHz
RF Insertion Loss <1dB
IR Carrier Frequency 7MHz
Voltage 9V
Current Consumption 8mA
Power Indication Red LED
Input Cable Connector F female
Output Cable Connector IEC TV Male on 150mm fly lead
IR “Eye” Flylead Length 900mm
IR “Eye” Dimensions 25 x 15 x 9mm
IR Compatibility Sky™, Sky+™
Dimensions of Body (Including Input Connector & Output Strain Relief) 54 x 27 x 20mm excludes connector 87mm
Weight 0.09 kg


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