MaxxOne Kite M1S-KACO-01 Wireless CO Sensor

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MaxxOne Kite M1S-KACO-01

Kite Wireless CO Sensor
This product is a carbon monoxide gas detector and uses a carbon monoxide electrochemical sensor to ensure stable and constant performance.

When the concentration of the leaked carbon monoxide reaches the given alarm level, the detector LED flashes red and buzzer gives out alarm sounds.

Besides suitable for early warning and protection of carbon monoxide leakages in houses, villas, factories, shopping malls, warehouses, office buildings or other indoor places.

This unit has a subtle shockproof design, which makes it also suitable for vehicle use.

  • Adopts MCU Processing
  • Manual Test / Auto-Reset
  • Hush Function
  • Low Voltage Compensation
  • Temperature Compensation
  • Low Battery Warning
  • Anti-RF Interference (20V/m-1GHz)
  • Dustproof, Mothproof, Anti-light Interference
  • SMT Technology with High Reliability
  • Shockproof Design Suitable for Vehicle Use

Note: Requires Kite Main Panel to function. May not be compatible with alternate alarm systems.

MaxxOne Wireless CO Sensor
Operating Voltage DC 3V (2X AA Batteries)
Static Current ≤ 10μA
Alarm Current ≤ 35μA
Warm-Up Time 1 minute
Hush Time 10 minutes
Transmission Distance Without obstacle 200m
CO Alarm Level 40ppm≤X<75ppm / alarm after 75 minutes 75ppm≤X<200ppm / alarm after 25
minutes 200ppm≤X / alarm after 30-50 secs < 40ppm / alarm reset
Alarm Indication Red LED & Beeping & System Alarm
Failure Indication Orange LED & System Alarm
Sound Level ≥ 85 dB / 3m
Working Temperature -10oC ~ +50 oC
Working Humidity ≤ 95RH
Installation Mode Wall or Ceiling mounted
Execute Criterion EN14604-2005, GB15322, 5-2003
Product Type

Smart Alarm Accessories


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