MaxxOne Kite M1S-KASS-01


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MaxxOne Kite M1S-KASS-01

Increase the security of your home with ease, with the MaxxOne Kite M1S-KASS-01 Wireless Smart Switch / Plug and be Alerted directly on your mobile device.

The smart plug could be controlled remotely by App. By the “Follow Me” feature of the system, the smart plug could also be automatically turned ON/OFF according to system or accessory events, or by a preset time schedule.

It’s easy to set up, fashionably designed, energy-saving and has a long transmission distance.



MaxxOne M1S-KASS-01 Kite Wireless Smart Switch / Plug

MaxxOne M1S-KASS-01 Kite Wireless Smart Switch / Plug



Power RatingMAX. 2500W
Rated IntputAC 220V-250V/50-60Hz/MAX10A
Rated OuotputAC 220V-250V/50-60Hz
Distance200 m
Transmission Frequency433.92MHz
Working Temperature-20°C~50°C
Humidity≤90%rh (non-condensing)
Weight88.7 g
Dimension102*62.5*29.7 mm ( L*W*H)