EZVIZ DP1 Smart Door Viewer Cam

Introducing EZVIZ DP1 Door Viewer

Turn a Standard Door Peephole into a Smart Door Viewer

The DPI is a smart, wire-free door viewer with features such as human detection, enabling you to see the person at your door without needing to open it.

With its HD video and crystal clear two-way audio via the EZVIZ app, you will never miss a visitor, as well as being able to receive a call on your smartphone via the app to communicate and see wherever you are when you are not at home.


Intuitive Smart Screen

The DP1 replaces your traditional peephole with a smart door viewer.

It comes with a 4.3” colour touch-screen placed on the interior side of the door.

When a visitor presses the bell, the colour touch screen will automatically turn on.

As you walk up to your front door, you see who is on the other side for touch-less convenience and safety.


Smart Human Detection & Instant Alerts

Featuring smart human detection, the DP1 captures images and sends real-time alerts to you when someone is at the door.

Featuring with built-in chimes, the DP1 alerts you and provides real-time video of your visitors via indoor screen and your smartphones as well.


HD Video with Wide-Angle View & Night Vision

With its HD 720p commercial-grade wide-angle lens, the DPI gives you a convenient 124 degrees view outside the door without having to open it.

The DP1 also features up to 3 meters of night vision and delivers crystal clear images even at night.

The video switches between day and night modes automatically.


Long Battery Life

Equipped with a built-in 4600mAh rechargeable lithium battery, the DP1 delivers long battery life with minimal power consumption.

You can either unclip the screen from its mount and charge via your usual Micro USB means.


One App Does All the Work

All you need to do for setup is follow the instructions via the free EZVIZ app and screen of the Door viewer with your home Wi-Fi.

The EZVIZ app works with all EZVIZ Cameras and alarm products.

View and manage remotely wherever you are.


Storage of footage

EZVIZ cameras can hold a MicroSD card for local and continuous storage, alternatively, you can sign up to our Cloud Storage system (subject to subscription) or via an EZVIZ Network Video Recorder (NVR).


Works with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant & EZVIZ Alarm Systems