Ezviz Alarm Starter Kit Bs-113A




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Ezviz Alarm Starter Kit


The EZVIZ wireless home alarm kit is a DIY security solution for your home that’s easy to install straight out of the box.

The central hub can connect to up to 32 different detectors including EZVIZ smart home cameras.

Resulting in a smart alarm system that adds an extra level of security in your home or business.

What’s included?

Central Unit A1

Motion sensor T1

Position sensor T6

Remote Control K2

Ezviz Alarm Starter Kit Smart home security alarm system

The central A1 hub supports IFTTT so all of your smart home devices such as Alexa, smart locks, thermostats and lighting work seamlessly together with the alarm system

– creating a smarter and more secure household environment.

The internet hub can also switch between 3 scenarios for your convenience.

These include ‘sleeping’, ‘at home’ and ‘leaving home’, these self-explanatory modes allow you to switch between modes with ease instead of fussing around with codes and panels,

so you’re able to go about your business.


There are 2 sensors included in the smart alarm kit that are designed to detect movement within your home and send alerts to the central hub.

Firstly is the PIR motion sensor.

This high sensitivity sensor can detect minimal human movements and uses PIR to avoid false alarms caused by small animals.

With low power consumption and coverage of 12×12 meters, the PIR sensor is perfect for setting up in a high-traffic area of your house.

Next is the wireless open/close detector. This component works by detecting movement from doors, windows and drawers.

The high-performance sensor has a line of sight up to 80 meters and can respond to changes above 3 degrees. Perfect for placing by the main front door, an unsecured window or safe drawer.

Like the PIR sensor, when the open/close sensor is triggered it will send an alert to the main central hub.


For optimal performance and integration, the smart home alarm kit comes with a QR code for its exclusive EZVIZ smartphone application.

This app is one of the handiest tools when using the EZ VIZ smart alarm system.

It allows you to connect everything up during the setup phase and also configure settings such as motion detector sensitivity and much more.

Whenever a sensor is triggered, the alert goes to the central hub which then, in turn, sends a notification to your phone with relevant information.

This can be improved during time as you connect more devices to your system.

For example, if a sensor was detected and you had an EZVIZ camera in the room, you would be sent a snapshot of what set the alarm off and then you could watch the camera in real-time.


Key Features:

A1 Alarm Hub – Support up to 32 devices, change scenario modes and connect up to EZVIZ.

T1 Wireless PIR Detector -Secure 12×12 area coverage and doesn’t respond to pet movements.

T6 Wireless Open/Close detector – Reacts to movements in 3 directions and can be installed on the windowpane, drawer or door.

K2 Remote Control – Changes scenario modes and includes an emergency call button.

Supports IFTTT – Sync up to your smart devices like Alexa, smart lighting, thermostats and smart-locks.

EZVIZ Application – Change alarm settings and receive push notifications to your device when the alarm is triggered.

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