EV9-220 9-wire 20dB Loss Tap

A 9-wire 20dB Tap designed for minimum insertion-loss and flatness across the satellite and terrestrial bands. Plug directly onto EV9 multiswitches or amplifiers using quick-link F-connectors. Pass 18vDC on the horizontal lines which can be isolated on the tap output with the built in switch. Colour coded inputs on all components for simplicity. Earth bonding-bars fitted. Designed for small, medium and large IRS installations.

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EV9-220 9-wire 20dB

There are five line/local – powered multiswitches in the V9-EVO range. The 8, 12, 16, 24 and 32 output mutliswitches are built in high quality zinc alloy diecast housings for extreme immunity to interference as well as having high rigidity and stability for installation in all but the harsest indoor environments.

EV9 multiswitches are fully active minimising the need for headend amplifiers except in larger systems.

Despite being active, EV9 multiswitches are designed for low current consumption where the built-in satellite amplifiers are only active if a satellite receiver is connected.

This allows for only the terrestrial circuits and LNB to be powered via the trunk when no satellite signals are required.

All multiswitches have stepped gain at each bank of eight outputs to balance subscriber signal levels and allow long (up to 90m) and short subscriber cables to be connected to the same multiswitch. this reduces system complexity and cost, making the V9-EVO the professional choice.

The input attenuators on V9-EVO multiswitches use slider switches for accurate and reliable control of the signal levels. These attenuators will not change in value over time, unlike other designs, ensuring reliable and stable performance for life.


Frequency range SAT:8 x 950 2400MHz
Frequency range Terr:1 x 5  862MHz
The number of tap outputs:1 x 9 Tap
Through loss SAT:0.7dB
Through loss Terr:1dB
Tap loss SAT:18 to 22dB
Tap loss Terr:20dB
Input Isolation SAT:30dB
Input Isolation Terr:30dB
DC through pass:2.0A max (switchable to tap or split legs)
Dimensions mm:199 x 106 x 50.5


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