CAT5e UTP Network Cable

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CAT5e UTP Network Cable

This category 5e (Cat5e) cable uses an unshielded twisted pair (UTP) structure to reduce outside interference and is typically used in networking applications.

The maximum certified data transfer rate of this cable is 1000Mbps, making UTP Cat5e cables suitable for 10Base-T (10Mbps), 100BaseTX (100Mbps) and 1000Base-T Gigabit (1000Mbps) networks.

The maximum length of a single run of cable can be up to 100m before a network switch or repeater is needed.

Cat5e cables, as well as carrying data, can carry telephone signals for IP phones or Video.

Why would I use this cable?

Ethernet cables are typically used in creating a network of wired devices.

This is commonly achieved by using Ethernet ports to connect equipment and devices to a network switch or internet router.

This connection then provides you with access to a local area network (LAN) or the internet.

It offers a high speed, an uninterruptible connection that is ideal for gaming, media streaming or video conferencing.

Ethernet cables are available in different colours, which lets you co-ordinate network cables from different devices.

Cat5e UTP cable is designed highly flexible and designed for terminating on RJ45 connectors for making RJ45 Patch Leads.

Used with Cat5e plugs it gives the exceptional performance required for transmission over all four pairs.

The cable is supplied in easy to use 305mt boxes and is available in Grey

Cat5e UTP 24AWG Premium Technical Specifications

Applications: Cat5e cable /Ethernet cable or network cable

Conductor: Solid annealed copper 0.5mm (24AWG)

nominal  Insulation: Solid polyethene

Construction: Four twisted pairs, overall sheath

Sheath: PVC (Grey)

PVC sheath available in grey,

Nominal OD: 5.0mm

Cable weight: 10kg/305m

Bending radius: Min 20mm

Pulling tension: Max 110N (11.3 Kgf)

Temp rating: -20C to +75C Velocity of propagation: 70%

Propagation delay: 537.6ns/100m (Max) at 100MHz

Propagation delay skew: 45.0ns/100m (Max)

Characteristic impedance: 100 +/- 15

Standards: Flame test: IEC 60332-1 / UL 1581 VW-1



Note: the outer box may be different



Cable Shielding






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