Cat5e UTP LJ6C Module

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Cat5e UTP LJ6C Module

The Enhanced Category 5 compact LJ6C module is designed to provide one of the shallowest outlets on the market.

They are the ideal solution wherever back-box depth is a problem.

LJ6C modules are ideal for use in floorboxes, or any application that has an industry-standard LJ6C aperture.

Single and dual gang faceplates are available for up to four LJ6C modules in addition to panels suitable for Ackerman floorboxes.

Their attractive high gloss finish and easy to use labelling system make them popular with both installers and users alike.

Installation is made easy with individual colour codes and the use of industry-standard IDCs.

Enhanced Category 5 LJ6C modules offer extended power sum characteristics and exceed the TIA/EIA-568- B specifications.

When combined with Enhanced Category 5 Patch Panels and UTP cable the link will perform well in excess of the Enhanced Category 5 specification.

Cat5e UTP LJ6C Module Features & Specifications
  • Ideal for use in floorboxes or any application that has an industry-standard LJ6C aperture
  • Offers extended PowerSum characteristics
  • High gloss ABS Thermoplastic resin construction
  • UL94 VO Grade flame retardancy (at 1.5mm)
  • High performance unshielded RJ45 socket
  • 4-Way industry standard IDC blocks
  • Mounting hole size: 22.3×36.7mm
  • Maximum panel thickness: 2.0mm
  • Minimum backbox depth: 15mm (faceplate) or 20mm (panel)
  • Conforms to ANSI/TIA-568-C Enhanced Category 5 specifications

Cat5e Cable


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