Bird Spikes Strips

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Bird Spikes

This Spike System is designed for protecting TV antenna’s brackets masts and ledges.

It will protect TV antennas and ledges that have a depth 1 to 8 inches 25mm to 200mm.

They won’t affect the TV antenna performance and are suitable against even the heaviest bird infestation.

They won’t hurt the bird but they’ll always deter them.

Polycarbonate base with stainless steel spikes.

Can be attached to wooden or concrete surfaces using pre-drilled holes or to plastic surfaces with double-sided adhesive or suitable glue (not included).

Prevents birds from landing on buildings and fences.

  • Width 50mm.
  • Spike length 105mm.

Bird Spikes Features

  • Strip length of 33cm 13 inches or one-third of a meter
  • They’re simple and quick to install using either silicon fixative or cable ties
  • They protect larger TV antennas
  • They also deter pigeons etc from settling on bracketry masts etc
  • They can offer ledge protection of up to 8 inches 200mm.
  • These type of spikes are used by most pest control companies and councils in the country
  • They allow the antenna installer additional products and services to offer every customer
  • Plastic is made from durable UV stabilised polycarbonate.



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