Antiference PSF1200 Masthead PSU

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Antiference PSF1200  Masthead PSU From Antiference


Masthead power supply provides a 12V dc supply via a coax cable, to drive a masthead amplifier.
The amplified signal then feeds down that cable and passes through the power supply, and on to the receiver.
Choosing to use separate power supply and masthead amplifier delivers a number of benefits.


  • Amplifying the signal closer to the aerial can reduce the signal degradation down the cable
  • The selection of masthead amplifiers tends to be greater.
  • Gives the option of using channel grouped amps that combine UHF & FM or up to 4-way distribution amps
  • Installing multi-room systems may be less disruptive using a masthead amp
  • PSF1200 fully screened
  • Easy mount
  • 12v masthead amplifier up to a maximum 100mA load
  • Female F-connectors
  • Fitted with a moulded UK 3-pin plug c/w 3amp fuse
  • Short circuit and overload protected




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