Antiference DMSD04 Modulator Conexer Quad AV DVB-T

£896.67 £1,076.00 inc VAT

Antiference DMSD04 Modulator

This Conexer™ DVB-T modulator converts any composite AV source into a DVB-T multiplex (digital channel) which any Freeview™ TV or STB can tune to.

The generated channel appears in the EPG as a normal digital terrestrial channel.

It is programmable via Windows-based USB software which is downloadable from the ‘downloads’ tab on the product page of the Antiference website.

This model also features an LCD screen and is programmable via the front panel.

Antiference DMSD04 Modulator Features
  • A range of digital AV to DVB-T modulators for domestic or commercial installations
  • SKY™ compatible
  • UHF/VHF output
  • Single, twin & quad input options
  • Features include channel name edit, LCN & Windows-based programming software

Technical Specifications







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