Antiference ASM01 Digital Terrestrial & Satellite Meter


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Antiference ASM01 Digital Terrestrial & Satellite Meter

Complete your tool kit with this simple to use and cost-effective signal strength meter.

It has the capability of analysing both the satellite and terrestrial bands, the Antiference ASM01 Digital Terrestrial & Satellite Meter is perfect for a professional aerial & satellite or AV engineer.

Features include a spectrum analyser, full signal reading such as MER, BER & C/N plus the unit is compact, lightweight and the onboard user interface is large, bright and easy to navigate.


  • Portable DVB-T/T2 + DVB-S/S2 signal analyser
  • Full-colour LCD screen
  • Spectrum analyser function on both bands
  • Tone generator
  • DiSEqC control
  • Demodulator
  • Speaker & LED flashlight

This device is a portable cordless HD digital signal meter for use in the installation and
adjustment of satellite and terrestrial television antennas.

• Cordless portable unit with a rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery (4000mAh)
• A comprehensive range of editable signal search functions
• Integral high-resolution TFT LCD display
• Integral loudspeaker
• Durable impact-absorbing case
• Remote control unit
• Durable carry bag
• Power adaptor, car charger and cables