8A2 Gel Crimps

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8A2 Gel Crimps

The 2 Wire Gel Crimps (also known as scotch-locks or jelly crimps) are used to join two 0.5mm wires together, such as standard BT cable.

They can be used internally or externally.

The 8A Copper Cable Splice Crimp Connector has unique insulation displacement connection technology to allow efficient splicing of telephone cable conductors without stripping the insulation. The CWI8A will accommodate conductors from 0.4mm through to 0.9mm. This single wire connector referred to as a discrete connector can be used to splice two wires.

8A2 Gel Crimps Features

The CWI8A Wire connector has been designed for applications covering aerial, buried and underground construction which is exposed to a full range of temperature, humidity and pollutants as well as craftsman applied chemicals.

Metal components are resistant to or protected against general corrosion and various forms of localized corrosion, including stress corrosion cracking and pitting.

The CWI8A will not produce galvanic corrosion effects, in wet or humid conditions, on other metals likely to be present in aerial, buried or underground installations.

The polypropylene plastic parts are resistant to fungi, heat, solvents and stress cracking agents and compatible with metals and other materials such as conductor insulation and filling compounds used in the manufacture of cable.

The plastic material is non-corrosive to metals and has excellent properties to resist deterioration when exposed to chemical pollutants and sunlight.

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