16/2 Speaker Cable OFC LSOH Pink Professional Speaker Cable
16/2 & 16/4 Core LSZH Pink Professional Speaker Cable




16/2 Speaker Cable

Two Core Speaker cable, 16AWG cable, 100m

16/2 Speaker Cable Specifications

High-performance installation speaker cable with the added bonus of an LSOH fire rated outer sheath.

Designed to deliver good levels of performance in most multi-room and home cinema installations.

  • LSOH (Low Smoke Zero Halogen) High-Performance outer jacket.
  • Exceeds IEC332- 1, IEC60754-1 & IEC60754-2
  • The large cross-sectional area of high purity copper conductors ensures good performance levels are maintained – even on longer runs
  • Colour-coded conductor sheaths
  • Sequentially metre marked
  • Supplied in 100m (330ft) drum
  • Core diameter: 2.3mm
  • Cable diameter: 7.2mm

The 16 is describing the gauge or AWG (American Wire Gauge) of the wire.

This is the thickness of the wire.

The smaller the gauge, the thicker the wire will be.

Pink Professional Speaker Cable is made up of stranded copper 16/2

There are numerous strands of copper put together to create the gauge or thickness of the wire.

16-2 speaker wire is the most commonly used speaker wire type for everyday speaker wire runs.

It is the ideal solution to support cable runs that are up to 60 feet long.

16/2 speaker cable wire is made with 99% oxygen-free copper (OFC).

ROHS Compliant.

  • LSOH (LOW SMOKE Zero Halogen)
  • High-performance outer jacket
  • Vibrant core colours
  • Easy to strip, No chalk, Meter marked
  • Supple and flexible sheath, Ripcord that works.




16/4 Cores, 16/2 Cores

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